Wednesday, March 29, 2006

uganda or bust

i started a new blog for our africa trip. Soon we'll have some new postings with updated progress of our trip. Please be in prayer for this journey as we fight to balance life and planning and life...

here's the address to our africa site


Friday, March 24, 2006

boat shoes?

i've been going through a war these last few weeks. I decided to give some stuff up for lent and well... it's been hard. Not super hard but hard enough. Even before lent, i told myself i wasn't gonna buy anything for myself until africa. (by the way, we bought our tickets for africa and we're leaving on June 5th!!!) I decided i didn't need anything before africa cause i already have too much. Today, i threw that rule out the window. I bought myself some Sperry Top-Siders. They're these wierd boat shoes that dont scuff up boat decks and are great to keep your feet dry when you're walking on boats. These shoes would be amazing if i walked on boats often or thought i was going to be getting my feet wet everyday. I'm not. They were on just on sale... and bright orange. But it doesn't matter when i dont need them.
Since i can remember, i've felt guilt about almost every single purchase i make. It's always impossible for me to ever justify spending any kind of money on myself. This seems funny because i can go on these crazy shopping binges guilt and all. You would think that guilt would make me return the stuff or give it away or something. Nope. i just hoard more crap. Store it up so that i can use it once a year. It's gross i know. We all do it... which makes it even grosser. Some people tell me i shouldn't feel guilty about every purchase i make. Some probably think i shouldn't buy as much as i do. As for me, i'm always caught in the middle. Torn between a world that doesn't own even one pair of decent shoes and a world that tells me "i deserve it." I dont know if my soul will ever be a peace with buying things for myself... i also dont know how much "i deserve it" when there's people who deserve it so much more.
So i might keep my shoes, i might not.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


i have mono. i'm not very excited about it all... my lymph nodes in my neck have been swollen for about a month so i thought my body was just figting some infection. Turns out they were fighting mono. I've never in my life cried when i tried to swollow. I seriously avoid at all costs the need to swollow. They think i have mono AND something else...which explains the ridiculously inflammed tonsils. They are also covered in puss and blood spots. Kinda fascinating while at the same time ... hecka gross.

I guess i just find it funny how God works. Like for a couple of months now there's been some pretty amazing people in my life trying to tell my to slow down. I said i couldn't. I said i had too much to do and too many deadlines. Instead God slows me down a bit with some Mono. By the way, when you have mono, all you really wanna do is sleep and die. Not eat. Not drink. Not play. Not study. Not anything. SLEEP and take advil for your achy body and tonsils. Oh, and sometimes spit.

My work load hasn't lightened.. i'm still super busy but i'm learning how to prioritize. So... fortunatley, sleep has become number one!! yay! Just thought you should know that now, if i dont answer the phone it's cause i'm in bed :)