Thursday, September 29, 2005


i'm going away this weekend. i'm going to be filled and refreshed and to let go. i'm going to discover and learn and grow and wrestle. Hopefully my passion doesn't get the best of me... but then again, when it does, life is a bit more exciting. i'm going away to Sacramento to a youth specialties conference. They're gonna teach me how to be a better communicator and teacher and friend. i'm stoked.

also... a friend told me this quote. i guess it's in a nike football commercial or something... but i love it...

"the man who thinks he can, and the man who thinks he can't, are both right. which one are you?"

so i like it and thought i would share it... oh and the red sox are playing the yankees on friday saturday and sunday... GO BOSTON!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


you ever been so busy that you're empty? working so hard to get stuff done that you can't focus on one single thing instead your whole life is a big "blah"?

i'm sick. not enough sleep and lots to do gets you real sick. not sure i like it. maybe God's way of telling me to slow down. maybe my body's way of telling me it's mad at me. maybe an excuse to miss my micro lab. that's what it was today. i'm not really excited about it though cause i have a super fun weekend coming up. i dont wanna miss out cause i'm sick. But my usual way of dealing with things like this is the "you'll be fine, you just gotta sweat it out and suck it up and move on" idea. this concept doesn't work so good when your sick.

on a side note. talking about humilty and remembering tomorrow night ... kinda getting excited about it :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

totally out of control

Are we so great a nation that we should only concider ourselves? Are we so freaking proud that humility doesn't matter? Now, i had quite an interesting weekend. I was with a friend, Chantelle and we were hanging out with some old high school friends. Now old like i haven't seen or talked to them since we graduated and some of them i went to elementary school with. One "old friend" asked me what i was doing with my life. Now... i honestly dont know. But i do know that eventually, some things will happen. So i mentioned one of them. I said, "Well, i'm doing some school stuff so that i can eventually be a nurse and go to africa for a while." A " Not Old friend" (i just met him that night)interrupted with a very sarcastic "Why?" I dont expect people to understand. I dont even fully understand to tell you the truth. God has placed Africa deep in my heart and i cant run from it. Now someone asked me this weekend what i'm passionate about. I said people. That's true. I love people. I adore them. I think i love poor people more though. I think i love the people that are unloved within our american nation. anyways, back to the story. The "not so old" friend then proceeded to tell me that people like africans choose to live that way. They choose to be poor. Now, i've never wanted to punch anyone...untill this night. I didn't know what to do with myself. SO i lost it. My voice rose and i asked him if he would like to be born into a family of five children, only to have your parents die so you cant get an education cause you're taking care of your younger brothers and sisters by working in th fields tyring to grow crops that wont grow cause there's a drought and no fertilizer and america isn't doing much to fix it. I asked him if he's like to be a mother of a family that had her youngest baby so malnourished that you can't even get him to eat anymore so you have to force feed them through a tube in they're nose...only to get that tube and that food you have to walk miles and miles in the blistering sun in order to find a place that will give your baby food so he wont die, meanwhile worrying about your children and if they're safe from the lord's resistance army who really just want to kill or kidnap your children and brainwash them to kill people so they can overthrow the government. He didn't like that so much. He left and went to bed.

i didn't control myself. I wasn't very gentle. He tried to sound like he knew what he was talking about but well... i just dont think he does. He's a super lucky guy that's white and who was born and raised in suberbia america. How would he know what it means to suffer? How would he know what it means to truely be hungry? How do i even know? So i lost it. Sorry everyone. Once again my passion got the best of me. I'm working on it though, really trying to at least.

On a side note, Powerhouse raised $1036 for Niger's famine relief. I love high school students and that they are learning what it means to love and give and sacrifice. Be blessed people.