Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ko Samui

holy cow. this place is beautiful. i've been in thailand for 6 days and i love it. it's exotic. it's hot. its super cheap. it's been amazing. i've loved every moment. thought i'd update youon my travels.
after a 12 hour flight we took a 4 hour one. then we stayed in bangkok for a night. We shopped around in the morning to find that most of our meals cost us about $10 US for four people. incredible. We took a 12 hour train ride to some city. a quick shuttle... and a 4 hour ferry ride to get ato a beautiful island. ko samui. it's way small. you can ride around it in about 4 hours. ahh. our hotel is well a bunch of baby houses. Maybe like a 15x15 room with an attached bathroom.... oh yeah it's on the beach too. no really. on the beach. amazing. the beaches here and phenominal.
alright so yesterday was snorkling and kayaking and lots of sleep. today is massages for hours. which is where i'm off to. yay. that's all. blessings people. i'll write again soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

dont let the bed bugs bite

so the rash isn't really a rash.... well we dont think it is anyway. It's probably bed bug bites. DO you know how gross bed bugs are? yeah really sick. they're big. like tics. and they can live for up to one year without "feeding" sick. They live in a lot of hotels though. i'm not really excited about that part.

anyways. thought you should know that i'm no longer a leper. It's fabulous.

Off to Thailand tomorrow. HYopefully there's no bed bugs there.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

the newest love of my life

So I just got home from a week long vacation of a few hours in Chicago... Four days in New York and ... Three days in Boston. I officially LOVE New York. Not too sure why yet, I just do. I loved walking down time square at three in the morning with hundreds of other people. I loved taking a bike ride through central park only to find a roller skating club skating around. I loved watching a Yankees game on fourth of July. I felt like super American on fourth of July. We sang the national anthem... The first pitches came from a father son duo who both were serving in the war... I ate a Nathan's hot dog from the Yankee stadium... and then I watched a huge fireworks show...All while in new York with a Yankees hat on. Not sure what can make you more "American" on that day.

So I loved new York. Everything about it. Oh wait. While I was there we stayed in a Yankee hotel. It was on the upper west side of Manhattan, We got into our itty bitty room that had three beds and nothing more. We had to share a bathroom with the other people eon our floor. Do you know how gross that can be. Every morning my brother would find hair in the shower that didn't belong to him. Yuck. No one cleaned our room and there was no TV. It was enough, just not what I'm used to. So anyways. No big deal. We laughed about it for the most part. But now I'm home. And I have a wierd rash on my back. I don't like it. I feel like a leper. I feel like I have a big bell hanging around my neck and when people see me they should just yell out "UNCLEAN!" it's probably the suckiest thing ever. I cant scrath it cause then the next thing I touch will be infected with this rash. I called my insurance company cause I was gonna go see a doc.... I don't have insurance cause I dropped a class last semester making me a part time student thus ineligible for health insurance. SUPER! Not so exciting people. Really it's not.

so other than my rash I love NY and everyone should go and love it too! The end.