Tuesday, August 22, 2006


we're off. we'll be leaving sydney in a matter of hours. we just got back from watching an opera in the sydney opera house. it was rad. We finished some last minute shopping today and still have the airport for those lastlast minute gifts. we'll be seeing you all soon!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


we're back on solid land. It feels so good. We stayed onboard a boat for four days and three nights scuba diving. It was incredible. We saw some real cool stuff... the picture above is of a cuttlefish. That was probably one of the cooler things. It changes color to camoflauge itself into the enviroment. We also saw a ribbon flatworm swimming, white tip reef sharks, turtles, parrotfish, a ray... and on and on. It was beautiful. We're still rocking a bit like we're on the boat. Walking in a straight line has never been so hard.
We'll be here in Cairns for today and tomorrow and then we're off to Sydney. There's lots and lots to do while we're there so that will be heaps of fun. Hopefully I'll get to update you on that while we're there too... Sorry about the no family pictures in australia corie, when we get home we'll post some i'm sure.

miss you all..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

here and safe

so we're here. we've been here for a while now but thihs is the first chance we've had some extra time. We've been super busy these last few days. We headed out to a wildlife sanctuary for the day and got to do some amazing things. We watched koalas pertched in branches sleep for days... fed kangaroos as they slept on the ground... and fed a dingo out of our hands. It was incredible. After a long day at the sanctuary we walked to a honey factory and a chocolate factory. This chocolate is all hand made and probably some of the best stuff i've ever had in my life.

Yesterday we traveled through the Tamborine mountains and wine tasted. It was fun and we met some pretty interesting people on our voyage. Today has been great so far. We took Surfing lessons from Michael "Munga" Barry today. He's supposedly a great surfer. We all were able to get up and stay up for at least a while. We're off to bake on the beach for a little bit of a calmer day before tomorrow.

Tomorrow we're gonna drive four hours to rainbow beach, a beach were there's all different colors of sand and then take a ferry to fraiser island. Fraiser island is the largest sand island in the world. We'll probably do some 4 wheeling swimming and... napping on the sand.

We leave the Gold coast on saturday and then it's off to Cairns for some scuba... until then mate!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I'm headed out to the land down under. I've been there once before so I'm excited to go back and visit. I'm leaving tomorrow with my two older brothers and my dad. We'll be gone for about three weeks and headed to three major cities, Brisbane, Cairns and Sydney. As often as I can, I'll be posting updates of our adventures. We're going to try to do everything from surfing to scuba diving to wine tasting. For right now, I'm gonna try and pack...an adventure in itself.