Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's a rare treat but I have a few minutes before I hit the sack and so much has happened. 

school... amazing. super difficult but amazing. Tomorrow morning I have orientation at the nursing home where we'll be learning the basics. Vitals, butt washing, and diaper changing on people larger than 20 lbs. and older than I can imagine. I'll be working at a nursing home for old retired nuns. I'm so excited to hang out with nuns. I mean really how often do you get the opportunity to serve someone who spent their whole lives serving everyone else? 
When I started school, I thought that nursing would basically be everything we have already learned in the last two weeks. Now I'm figuring, what do they have to teach us, we know everything we should know. I'm in for a treat! Had my first midterm yesterday (two weeks into nursing school they give you a midterm, crazy) got 92%. Hope we can keep this business up.

my new macbook air... I don't even remember life before her. She's a beauty. Super light, easy to use however, doesn't work for 5 real hours but more like 2-3 solid. 

risen... I just signed up to be risen's mission advocate. Basically I'll be kind of in the know about what people are doing missionally and helping them out. I think right now more than anything we need a bit of encouragement with our mission dept. I'm excited to hopefully be that person for our community. 

food... I'm a vegetarian right now. It's wierd. It's also a little difficult. I figure that if Pamela Anderson can do it, so can I :) . There are many reasons why I've decided to change this about my rhythm of life. Maybe I'll post about it soon. 

well kids. that's it for now.