Friday, August 01, 2008

Since I haven´t been the best about posting pictures, I figured I would make up for it by posting a bunch of super key important ones... here we go
I´m gonna start at the mountain school...

Buster welcomed us into our new home at the mountains.

Here´s me... in my familys kitchen... trying to make tortillas.... In other words, I´m tortillando (one of my teachers told me that in Chile, to tortillar is a bad word. I´m not so sure about it... can someone help me out here. Preferably my family)

The finished product. Not so bad. Also, not so round and a little too fat but it was my first one, what do you expect.
Wednesday nights is noche cultural. Basically a bunch of kids from the community running around in a room playing games. I have a story for this picture but... well, it´s kinda wierd. Ask me and I´´ll tell you. Also, the little kid in the red is flipping the camera off. Kinda funny if you ask me.
Here´s my host family in the mountains. Here we have Lili (10) Piedad (76) Adeliada (?) y Evelyn (7). My first day there I was talking to Lili about her age and birthday and stuff. She mentioned that they don´t celebrate their birthday because they don´t actually have money to buy cakes or pinatas or anything. She then told me that one year, a student brought her family some chocolate cake for her birthday and so she was able to celebrate. The school tells us not to give material gifts to these families because it causes a lot of jealousy in the community. they said that if you want to give a gift to your family to give something that will dissapear, like food. On thursday I went into town to buy a cake for the family. When I arrived, they were thrilled. They tried to make me eat some cake but I couldn´t do it. The next day, they were still thanking me and they told me that instead of eating dinner that night, they had a chocolate cake! I love it. Mom, I figuered you´d love it too...
Here´s my teacher Eunice. Shes little, beautiful, wise and brave. We had some really good heart to hearts in spanish over coffee in a hut. Really, that makes us BFF.
Here´s one of the huts I studied in.

Here´s the toilet that they use to make fertilizer for the medicinal herb garden. The pot on the second toilet is filled with chalk, it helps keep the latrine from smelling bad... and it works. I did my best to contribute to the fertilizer as often as I could. I think they´re stocked up for a while now.
A cute little old man on the side of the road. He would get tired and sit for hours... Santo Lopez... i love him.

Basically, the Guatemalan women here are incredible for a few reasons. One of them being, this woman is basically wearing jellys, with a stack of wood over 100 pounds heavy on her back being supported by her neck with a forehead strap. Oh and the road she´s walking is further than a mile long and starts off as super uneven cobblestone. crazy! On our way to buy the chocolate cake... in our taxi/ pickup truck.
Our very first superchivos game... yay superchivos! Super chivo and grandson mini chivo.

My host family , Alejandro and Blanca Perez. They were such a great host family to stay with, we laughed a lot, they (alejandro) told really not funny jukes... and while somethings could have been lost in translation, i don´t think that was the case.

Here´s Blanca and Alejandros nietas. Melanie on the left and Emily on the right. Emily turned one last wednesday... and I´m missing her pinata this coming weekend. Both girls are so freaking beautiful and Melanie is a little spanish firecraker. Saying ¡no hombre! and other things that I always thought were bad words... I guess they aren´t.
Here´s Erin learning how to shake her caderas. We had a free salsa lessons at the school and you know we were all there trying to learn some O.G. salsa.
Here´s our friend Fedelma. We went out dancing one night and unfortunatley all we got was crazy ranchero music. Don´´t worry, the next night was all salsa (and a little YMCA.... not too sure why but it seems to be a big hit at ¨La Rumba¨here in Xela.)
Mi maestro Estuardo. He took us to a SuperChivos Futbol game and watched us yell things that... I´m pretty sure are foul and vulgur. Okay fine, I know they are but it was still loads of fun. We also spent some of our school days telling jokes and laughing on the roof with Ruth and Milton (her maestro).
the view from the roof of the school.

Fuentes Georginas... look at her pose ladies and gents!

Ok the end. Miss you all and we´ll be seeing you soon! ... Too soon I´m afraid.