Thursday, January 31, 2008

moving forward

My brand new baby is on it's way to me. My MacBookAir has been shipped out to my apt. and should be arriving sometime next week. I've never had a brand new laptop and this one looks real fragile so I hope I dont break it. I'm pretty sure I'll spend a couple days emersed in it's awesome features and trying to figure it all out. My first new laptop. My first mac. My new love.

I also start school on the 11th. I kinda can't believe it's really happening. I decided to go to SMC which is nearer and much much cheaper. Again, shocked that it's actually happening.

My life is in the midst or renewal. It's painful at times, beautiful at others. Change is usually good so... I'm eating healthier thanks to some good reads, shocking videos and good conversation. I'm moving forward. I'm simplfying my life in hopes I can see some true value in the things I do. I'm attempting to consume less (minus my new laptop). And the hope is, that I will be blogging a bit more regularly. Who knows though. I've made this promise before.