Saturday, June 20, 2009


We're here...ahhhhh.

So glad to finally be in Honduras after months of dreaming about it all. We met up with Bekah and Cynthia after waiting for a few hours at the airport in the hot hot heat. We took a 3 1/2 hour bus ride from San Pedro Sula to Copan earlier today and were able to spend all of today exploring this quaint beuatiful town. In the rain. We recently went on an exploratory walk and lost our way on the way back while trudging through muddy roads. A Tuk Tuk (famous in southeast asia and freaking awesome) came by and we got a ride back to town on their super dodgy streets.

Tomorrow we're headed to the runis early in the morning and then bussing it to Lago de Yojoa for a few days. There's a microbrewery there with supposed great burgers, unique beers and bird watching? It should make for some good relaxing time if I could get these damn mosquitos to stop biting me. Vitamin B1 and Lemon Eucalyptus oil are no match for the hungry mosquito. Bummer.

Love you all. I'll hopefully be back soon!

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